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Best Photo Editor for Android Phones didn’t always have cameras, but ever since the very first “camera phone,” it was clearly a match made in heaven. Now we all have very capable cameras in. In the time of Instagram and selfies, many users want to make their photos more beautiful. All you need is a suitable image editing app for Android. We've got a whole list of the best apps, and we. May 09,  · 20 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android These are some of the recommended and Best Photo Editing Apps: 1. Instagram. One of the most popular photo messaging app –Instagram with over million users remains to be one of the best photo editing apps. It has creative inbuilt photos and videos editing tools with free, custom-designed filters.

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It can be quite challengeable to find the best photo editing apps for Android. The reason is a huge number of apps designed for this operating system. You can find many programs with unique functionality, free, as well as a lot of simple paid photo filters apps. To make everything clear for you, I have prepared a list of 10 reliable and frequently used Android photo editors.

Choosing the best free photo editor for your Android is rather challenging, because you will find hundreds of different filter or photo apps with bags or lags.

Official website: Photoshop Express Developer: Adobe, free photo editor for android phones. For more than 30 years, Adobe Systems has become the undisputed leaders if you have to work with graphics in different formats. And since the market for mobile applications is booming, Adobe has developed Photoshop analog for mobile devices — Photoshop Express. One of the best Android apps for photo editing is available for smartphones and tablets.

It works free photo editor for android phones with iOS and Windows and is completely free. Former premium features are now available after logging in with your Adobe ID its obtaining also does not require a fee.

There is also integration with Creative Cloud service. This is the so-called creative space free photo editor for android phones combines the entire package of Adobe graphic image editors, starting with photo retouching programs and ending with web design. Besides, it provides users with the possibility to store files in the Cloud. Among other features, there is Creative Cloud Libraries that is worth mentioning.

These libraries in the Cloud Storage help you synchronize work on your projects between devices and programs of CC line. In short, Photoshop Express is a convenient, smart and highly functional for its purposes.

Within several days of testing, free photo editor for android phones, with the exception of some small flaws, this best free photo editing app did not cause any problems.

However, despite the large set of tools and large template libraries, this application can be used only for quick image editing. For a deeper photo editing, learn more how to get Lightroom for free or download Photoshop free. This software has a very impressive set of filters for photographs and color editing options.

I really like its incredibly simple interface. You just need to add your picture to this best photo editor app and start customizing with various filters at once. Thanks to the good OpenGL 3. The disadvantage is that the application can display no larger than x pictures. The app is more focused on photos for social networks, as it includes a set of features to improve the face, free photo editor for android phones.

Moreover, you can play with different effects and test out lots of filters for these purposes. The creators of one of the best photo editing apps for Android phone mention that it uses artificial intelligence algorithms that allow evaluate the picture and make the appropriate adjustments. Features like Selfie Makeup will help you get rid of blemishes.

You can purchase additional VIP-filters if you need. If you made some free photo editor for android phones and do not know if it is better than the original, you can compare both photos side by side. This variant of photo editing apps for Android is a simple, user-friendly software with an easily understandable interface.

Aviary can improve the quality of the original image, remove the red-eye effect, free photo editor for android phones the brightness, shadows, free photo editor for android phones, contrast, improve the color and tints, replace the background, crop and add various graphic elements.

For meme fans, Aviary allows creating wonderful pictures and upload them directly to the network. This program can be downloaded and installed on the device for free. In addition, free photo editor for android phones, you can buy libraries with some extra effects. As many other photo editing apps, the program has its drawbacks.

Many functions are oriented on a paid basis, which is the main disadvantage. But in general, it is quite simple and useful. Avatan lets you work with the basic parameters of the image, influence its brightness, size, contrast, and so on. The main advantages of this photo editor app free are tools designed to edit portraits. They can change facial features and do other useful things. Such software is suitable for people, who are crazy about changing their main photos in social networks.

The program can add a shadow and the effect of lipstick and blush. Besides, you can use not only the images stored on the device but also pictures from the global network. If you select this best Android app for photo editing, you will be able to free photo editor for android phones pictures of any size. Use this software to create slideshows.

You can view other people's work and add your edited images to the overall environment and get feedback from other users. Keep in mind, this software can work not only on Android but on other operating systems as well.

At first glance, free photo editor for android phones, BeFunky Android photo editor was created only for entertainment. In fact, it is also a very nice app for enhancing your pictures. In addition to the usual set of functions, such as resizing, editing contrast, free photo editor for android phones, brightness, this software can apply filters and layers, allowing you to smooth or change the color scheme of the picture.

The main advantage of this photo editor app for Android is a stunning set of templates that are being constantly upgraded. BeFunky allows you to add texts to the photographs and has good opportunities with its editing. There are a lot of fonts, designs, and stickers available. The app is combined with many well-known social networks. As a result you can publish your pictures using the program interface. There are own galleries, where users can view other people's works and bring their own one.

Another important thing is its free distribution and the absence of advertising tabs. Although this is not an ideal option, BeFunky still remains one of the best photo editing apps for Android free download, as it is fully capable of satisfying average statistical requirements.

It is one of the best free photo editing apps for Android, free photo editor for android phones. At first, it was released only for iOS and later adjusted for Android. It stands out with impressive functionality and is absolutely free.

The program is owned and maintained by Google giant, which bought out the German developer company NikSoftware. It ensures, at least, excellent app optimization for a mobile operating system from Google. Snapseed is suitable for uncomplicated processing of selfie or everyday photos taken in a hurry. Moreover, you can use it for serious image editing right on the screen of a tablet or smartphone.

There is also support for RAW-files. Among the useful and many familiar tools, you can find color correction, cropping, sharpening, etc. Simply select the desired tool, and edit the photo, touching the screen and swyping. The main feature of photo editing Snapseed Android is a selective adjustment of individual image areas Selective adjust. Thanks to this function, you can change not the entire photo but only its fragment.

For example, you can change the contrast, brightness or color saturation of only a small portion of the image. PicsArt Photo Studio is a powerful hybrid art tool that allows digital artists to create unusual images, combining graphics and photographic images.

First of all, this image editor is notable for supporting brushes and layers. PicsArt camera gives you an opportunity to use effects in real time.

Of course, such settings significantly affect the performance of the camera. This best photo editing apps for Android free is distinguished because it features brushes, masks, and layers. This makes it possible to draw on a smartphone or tablet.

Drawing cannot be attributed to photo processing, but the effects in this regard are more interesting. In PicsArt, they are assembled on the FX panel. As for social functions, here you are offered to participate in the PicsArt community with the publication of images, discussions, photo contests, drawing, design ideas, and other interesting bonuses.

It stands out from other editors that often offer unnecessary quick effects. PicsArt, first of all, provides a set of brushes and layers for drawing. Therefore, this editor is best adapted for the tablet as the accuracy and scale of the screen correspond to the tasks. When you work with it, you will enjoy the mix of a simple, intuitive interface and a set of excellent functions. There are almost all the necessary tools to correct the picture. It is possible to influence brightness, adjust the saturation and exposure while working with one of the best photo editing apps.

Apparently, PicLab developer was inspired by Instagram. There is a hint of similarity in functions, and the icon immediately reminds of a popular service. However, unlike its eminent possible progenitor, there are no elements of the social network, except the possibility to share the finished image through other services. Many templates will free photo editor for android phones please the eye. The possibility to add some text to the picture was carefully developed by the authors of the best photo font editing apps for Android.

This feature is particularly useful and will appeal to fans of memes. Your text can be created on several layers, and their number is not limited by the program.

In general, it is a very worthy and versatile image editor. Fotor Photo Editor is often called the simplified version of Photoshop because it offers you a solid range of functions. You can seriously enhance your photographs, changing different parameters like brightness, tints, etc. Moreover, if you need, only part of the photograph can be changed.


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Photo Editor by Aviary, a photo-editing application for devices running on Windows Phone 8 comes from Aviary, one of the popular app developers of multiple Smartphone platforms. This free application has different sections such as photo editor, effects, cropping, drawing, stickers, adding text etc. Best Photo Editor for Android Phones didn’t always have cameras, but ever since the very first “camera phone,” it was clearly a match made in heaven. Now we all have very capable cameras in. Fotor is a free photo editor that's ideal for giving your pictures a boost quickly. If there's specific area of retouching you need doing with, say, the clone brush or healing tool, you're out of.