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Since I was going to be in New York for only a month I wasn't really planning on producing anything. So, I made myself comfortable in the cozy kitchenette with my laptop and other things to do actually not setting foot in the studio-part of my studio apartment for the first couple of weeks.

But as I came to realize that the fine line between the two could perhaps be transgressed otherwise I started arranging a group show taking as it vantage point this exact situation. Artists in residency not producing any "proper" new work, for whatever good reason they might have: Loneliness, lack of inspiration, logistic difficulties and the abundance of new impressions yet to be digested.

I called the exhibition: IRL. And next to the stove the inevitable MacBook Pro 13'' showed Parker Ito's see also: lai fun, magasin blackberry new york, list of pasta, sobaA series of traveling close-ups of pasta dish still images accompanied by a hip hop score finishing half way through the video as if someone accidentally paused iTunes while cooking.

On the same table as the very slowly rotting tomato I utilized my Danish iPhone I wasn't using it otherwise to present Stephen Magasin blackberry new york Corporate Monster A picture he took with his business Blackberry while on a trip to Chicago. And on the wall just above it - also in the kitchen area where I was working most days - I presented KasselA so-called geo-drawing by Richard Evans.

Upstairs in the built-in closet among my clothes Mamiko Otsubo's Glass Hookwas haging, and right below by the bed was a suitable good night read: Marc Ganzglass' re-publication of Moby Dick by Herman Melville, which is the second issue in his artist book series called Escrow.

On the loft bed railing, where I used to toss my own stuff I laid out Dora Budor's pair of jeans, chemise, button down shirt, all white, and on the floor a ragged t-shirt used for test printing.

All the clothes feature alternative perfume ads she made for Dis Images, a new stock photo option offered by Dis Magazine. For his recent series Untitled picking up the pieces Kasper Sonne has literally been picking up the pieces from his larger installations comprising on-site dyed commercial carpets at the time of the show one of them was still up at Henningsen gallery in Copenhagen.

As most of us are aware of, the rug is what really ties the room together. As guests were invited to spray this onto the accompanying fleece towel the lingering scent mixed nicely with the smell of bacon and eggs in the morning right after a long, steamy shower.

Furthermore, Brad Troemmel sent two of his t-shirt paintings. One shows the colored imprints of third generation bump keys it is illegal to copy this type of key, but then again: who's afraid of red, yellow, and blue?

The other wears a print of a black fax and has a LSD packaging attached. According to Brad people shipping LSD via regular postal service tend to use the same kind of blue paper folded more or less in the same magasin blackberry new york. The piece consisted of a well-used magasin blackberry new york snow shovel with a somewhat peculiar design - one of three, which I found in the hallway by the front door. Parker Ito : see also: lai fun, list of pasta, soba, Richard Evans : Kassel, Geo-audio drawing, watercolor on Baedeker map.

Mamiko Otsubo : Glass Hook, Borosilicate glass. Marc Ganzglass : Escrow ; Issue no. Dora Budor : Young-Girl, Transfer print on shirt. Dora Budor magasin blackberry new york Remix Test, Transfer print on rug shirt, magasin blackberry new york.

Dora Budor : Romance, Transfer print on button down shirt. Dora Budor : The Horrormagasin blackberry new york,Transfer print on jeans. Kasper Sonne : Untitled magasin blackberry new york up the pieces, Commercial carpet, industrial paint and heavy-duty glue on canvas.

Kasper Sonne : Untitled picking up the pieces No. James Viscardi : Daily Defense, Oil on canvas, fleece, magasin blackberry new york, antioxidant fortified room spray, glass shelf. Brad Troemmel. Tilmeld dig Kopenhagens ugentlige nyhedsmail.

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magasin blackberry new york


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