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Windows Phone: How to play audio in in XAML app using XNA library This article shows how to play audio sounds in silverlight using the XNA SoundEffect class. Silverlight has MediaElement element to play Audio and Video, but this element is very heavyweight for playing sound files. Feb 27,  · - A Windows Phone Class Library. - A Resource Dictionary Under /Themes Folder with build action set to Resource and nothing under custom tool. NOTE: THE RD IS IN THE SAME PROJECT - INSIDE THE CLASS LIBRARY - The Resource Dictionary is called and inside it I have a converter with several styles. Now in order to be able to use. I have fallen into a trap where I can't seem to create a new Windows Phone class library for a solution I have that is currently all Windows Phone projects. Every time I use Project -> New to create the class library project, it is always targeted towards Windows Phone and there is no option anywhere to target it for Windows Phone

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Many of you told us you want HttpClient for Windows Phone. In this post, Alok Shriram, a Program Manager on the. NET Framework teamwill talk about an important announcement of ours. HttpClient is a part of. NET Framework 4. In order to get some content from a web server say www, windows phone class library. Obviously this is the simplest example, and the HttpClient library has many more feature and functions. Before releasing this package, the HttpClient class was not available on all platforms.

This complicated the experience for developers trying to share code across Microsoft platforms. For instance, a developer who wanted to target both the Windows Phone and Windows Store app platforms would need to write networking logic using the HttpWebRequest and HttpWebResponse classes for networking, since it was the networking abstraction available in portable.

However HttpClient is a much simpler programming interface to code against, in addition to being very close to HTTP semantics, which makes it more intuitive. In order to bridge this gap windows phone class library have created a portable class library for HttpClient that will allow developers to consume HttpClient on Windows Phone 7.

In addition it also enables other portable library developers who require networking support to use HttpClient while targeting all or a subset of the supported platforms. Accept the license terms and agreements and NuGet will install the right packages to your folder. The full surface area for HttpClient as shipped in. This package includes support for that surface area, and introduces a few new methods that are not currently in the documentation above.

The new APIs added are:. In order to write a portable piece of code which would work across all the supported platforms, code that would have previously been. If you are writing a cross platform app targeting, windows phone class library. Net 4. Windows phone class library is because. In order to fix this add a reference to the Microsoft. Async nuget package, which adds the support for Async and Await in down level platforms.

To read more about this release go here. This was one of the higher rated user voice requests, so thanks for taking the time to engage with us. Please note this package is marked as prerelease software — that is, windows phone class library, there are some rough edges to be expected. Simply use the comment section under this blog post. Warning 11 The primary reference "System, windows phone class library. To resolve this problem, either remove the reference "System.

BattleCity Phone Mango. As far as I know WP7 xna games must target the 'client', windows phone class library. So if these assemblies were build against non-client 4. James, this worked for me. I think you are using the release version of Microsoft. Http which only supports. Double check that you have selected "include prerelease" and the version you install is 2.

Found bug! It's not possible to install Microsoft. Martin Suchan: The windows phone class library edition issue is a good one.

I'll add it to the known issue list. John O'Halloran: We didn't list Silverlight support because there are open issues that prevent it from being fully supported. However, windows phone class library, technically there is nothing stopping you from using HttpClient from a Silverlight app. We'd be happy to hear about your experience using it.

Yep, not working for me. I manually added references to the dll's from the nuget packet located here:. Can you elaborate on this, if you don't mind? Is it the current policy to not support Silverlight libraries?

Microsoft has promised to support it for 10 years, so it is ironic that even the portable libraries are not supported for Silverlight…. Martin Suchan: Do you have NuGet 2. You can probably get it to work by referencing the DLLs manually, referencing Microsoft. Build, and adding binding redirects to the project's app. This is a step in the right direction. Now if you would just add GZip support to WP8 then I'd be able to get rid of most of my if conditional compile blocks.

Update, windows phone class library, after updating the NuGet to latest version the installation of this package works in Visual Studio Express in WP8 project. Ian: Decompression isn't directly supported by the phone networking stack but a couple other Nuget packages out there add support by registering a custom HttpWebRequest implementation with WebRequest.

I had success using these with windows phone class library portable HttpClient in a phone app. See SharpGIS. App is hanging whenever await or task.

GetStringAsync on UI thread for windows phone 8. Really could have used it last week, but may circle back and make the necessary changes, windows phone class library. Any estimation, when the "Go live" license will be available? We're currently testing this library in pretty big WP8 project and it works just fine. Ricardo: We're in contact with the owners of System.

Formatting but it's too soon share anything. Hi, I've noticed that the value of WWW-authenticate header is not correctly parsed in our case. Parameter property. I can provide you with more details if you windows phone class library, feel free to contact me i. Could not install package 'Microsoft. Bcl 1. You are trying to install this package into a project that targets '.

For more information, contact the package author. That looks like you are using an outdated version of the NuGet client. You can check whether you have the latest version by going to Tools Extensions and Updates. Great thanks for developers, it's fantastic opportunity to develop cross-platform network libraries!

When I receive content, I should receive 3 cookies 1 with domain and 2 without domain but I get just one. When I sent a request with HttpClient.

PostAsync, there are no clues that any cookies were sent even though HttpClientHandler does contains 1 cookie, windows phone class library.

Are there any tutorials on these topic or source code for HttpClient so I can check out where might be a problem? I'm so glad that you guys listened to the voice of the masses and got this done! Hopefully you can point out what I'm doing wrong here, windows phone class library. I tried this in a simple PCL targeting only. Net Framework 4. Error windows phone class library The type 'System. CookieContainer' is defined in an assembly that is not referenced.

You must add a reference to assembly 'System. Error 2 Cannot implicitly convert type 'System. Can you try running the following command to repair the portable library targetting pack: msiexec. To be consistent with the inbox version we should be setting this to false. I'll get this fixed. Thanks for the report.

Loving this library … only issues I have with it is missing compression Support and missing Support for PreAuthenticate … both things that I think are very important on mobile phones as they save bandwidth and half of the HTTP calls when using Basic authentication. Windows phone class library get the error below when trying to add the package via nuget to a PCL project.

Presumably it is the Silverlight support causing the problem. However, in V, you can't remove Silverlight from the PCL targets because it re-adds it automatically saying it is covered by another target.

So it seems ruled out on a technicality I am not trying to use and windows phone class library disable. Am I missing something? Build 1. This release of HttpClient adds support for the following platforms:.

NET framework 4.


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Feb 27,  · - A Windows Phone Class Library. - A Resource Dictionary Under /Themes Folder with build action set to Resource and nothing under custom tool. NOTE: THE RD IS IN THE SAME PROJECT - INSIDE THE CLASS LIBRARY - The Resource Dictionary is called and inside it I have a converter with several styles. Now in order to be able to use. Below is the XAML used in a Windows Phone 8 project that uses our Portable Class Library with a brand new control in Windows Phone 8 called the LongListSelector. API. WinRT comes with an application programming interface (API) in the form of a class library that exposes the features of Windows 8 for the developer, like its immersive interface API. It is accessible and consumable from any supported language. Runtime classes. The Windows Runtime classes is a set SDKs that provide access to all functionality from the XAML parser to the camera function.